Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Groundhog Day

Is this summer feeling like the movie Groundhog Day to anyone else? The day I am stuck in has included writer's block (not just here, but everywhere I write, which is unheard of for me!), long workdays for The Beast (including about 3 weeks of being out of the country) and I believe we are now at 5 seemingly-separate viruses for the kids.  Also coffee.  It has included lots of coffee.

Also lots of everybody sleeping whenever and wherever they can. Between illness, heat, missing The Beast, and a general change in routine, predictability is out the window many nights and days.

I feel like I exercise, parent, plan stuff, work at getting business (I have had some doula work - hooray!!), try to help small people feel better and sleep, feed the family, put my head down on the bed, open my eyes, and find someone proclaiming "it's morning and I am sick! GET UP!" Often in the form of coughing in my face while screaming, because A-Train isn't a big talker yet.

So is it just me?

I feel like I am letting my blog languish. I am sure it will be back once I have a) finished a bunch of business tasks and b) had a vacation. Sorry for my boring posts! This is Survival Mode!
Finally passed out on the couch after summertime activities.
Finally passed out in a chair after waking up before 5AM to party.
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