Friday, July 13, 2012

My Sweet Little Death Wish

When I hold his hand and lead him somewhere, A-Train likes to fling himself down so he is suddenly hanging from one arm and maybe scurrying his feet along. He does this with glee and gusto, laughing like some sort or maniacal acrobat. Every time this happens, I worry that a) people are going to see this, including me desperately trying to get him to put his feet back down, and think I have grabbed him roughly and dragged him along or b) he is going to dislocate his shoulder and I am going to have to take him to the same doctor's office that knows him as "the baby who swallowed the cocktail umbrella."

I may have to change his blog nickname to Death Wish - that is what we call him these days!

Other adorably obnoxious (maddeningly cute?) behaviors include refusing to have his clothes taken off. I don't get it! Not long ago, he LOVED being naked. WHAT TODDLER DOESN'T LOVE BEING NAKED?

Currently, mine.

Every time I remove an article of his clothing, he screams like I have just skinned him.

But then, when I put a shirt back on him to end his unbearable suffering, he will pull one arm out and wander around happily!

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