Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Snuggling at bedtime...

We had a mostly amazing day today, which included skipping while holding hands with Bean, and some extra time just the two of us. I was feeling extra sappy...

Me: thank you for being my son.

B: you grew me!

Me: you're welcome.

B: thank you for growing me. I was your first baby.

Me: that's true. You are still my first baby.

B: noooo. A-Train is your first baby now because he is still a baby.

Me: nope. He is not a baby anymore, but he will always be MY baby. And probably THE baby in our family.

Then I asked if he remembered when he met A-Train or if he remembers when A was in my belly or anything else before A part of our family. "No," he said. "I was 2-and-a-half. I only remember that I was 2-and-a-half." I asked if he remembered Grandma and Grandpa being here and he said "yes." I hoped that might jog a nice memory or two...

Me: oh yeah? What do you remember about Grandma and Grandpa being here?

B: Grandma cleaned our bathroom.

Me, after recovering from laughter: anything else?

B: yeah. And she played with me.

Me: oh? How?

B: ring around the rosie.

Me: do you remember taking walks with Grandma and Grandpa? Or cleaning up the garden?

B: no. Did we do that?

Me: yes. And do you remember the giant shoe at the hospital?

B: there is a big shoe at the hospital?

Me: uh huh. You got your picture taken on it when you came to the hospital to meet A.

B: we went to the hospital to meet A?

Me: yep. And you climbed up onto the bed and played "bus."

B: how?

Me: there were buttons that made the bed move, and you pushed them and pretended it was a bus. And then you asked to see all of A's parts. You said "can I see his hands? Can I see his feet?" and then you saw his umbilical cord - the part that fed him when he was in my belly - and there was a red vein and a blue vein, and you asked "who painted him?"

B: why?

Me: I guess it looked like paint to you.

B: oh.

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