Saturday, August 11, 2012

Favorite Dragon Books

Bean has been obsessed with dragons for about a year now, ever since he first saw How to Train Your Dragon.  We have since devoured many books and videos about dragons.  I have particularly loved learning about various cultural myths about dragons, and finding out that there are different types of dragons.  Tarasques, Chinese, Standard Western, wyvern, hydra...

In any case, I made a list over at Amazon of books about dragons that we have loved over the past year.  I kept it to books either about dragon myths or in which dragons figured into the plot as dragons, rather than as characters who happened to be dragons. 

There is a book in which a character happens to be a dragon that I also really like, and Bean likes it because it involves a dragon, even though he's not being dragon-y in any way.  It's called A Friend for Dragon.  I love that it shows grief, but ends with joy.  I want to keep a dialogue about death open and honest with my kids, and I look for ways to talk about grief that aren't scary or hitting too close to home.  For that, I really like this book!

Also, one of the books in this list is part of a series that includes a model dragon to build.  We only own the one - I found it at Once Upon a Child for a steal - but I'm sure all of them are awesome!

Anyhow, without further ado, I bring you a fancy-schmancy carousel of dragon books!

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