Monday, August 20, 2012

For my mobile peeps

I'm sorry I'm sooooo MIA.  I promise to be back to blogging soon.  I'm on vacation and have been spending hours (and hours and hours and hours) cleaning up email, working on some doula-related stuff, and also figuring out some details regarding my hip.  Apparently it's not a simple fix (we thought I had IT Band Syndrome and hip flexor tendinitis.  But no.)  I'm most likely having surgery in the next couple of months.

But annnnnyway.  I just wanted to write a quick administrative post to say that I've finally figured out why y'all on mobile can't comment:  the mobile version of Blogger doesn't support widgets, and I use the Disqus widget (and have Blogger's native comment feature turned off).

So.  My options are to turn on the Blogger feature, and then import your mobile comments to Disqus...or I can get rid of the mobile version of the website.

I'm going to do the latter, because it's less work for me.  But if you hate that you have to view the site in not-quite-mobile-friendly format?  Well, you can leave me a comment telling me so.

Peace out.  Promise to return soon, and with less navel-gazing and more interesting stuff to say!  (I hope!)

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