Monday, August 27, 2012

My Hero

Just a couple sweet little stories about my boys.  They are so much fun right now.  Bean is especially sweet and caring. 

At the YMCA here (we are on vacation), there is an indoor playground that has these sort of stiff ropes with balls at the end (I haven't gotten a good look to describe them better than that).  The last time he went, Bean came out saying "there was a part when the little kids were in there.  And I said 'oh no!  you're going to get hit!'  So I stopped them from getting hit by the rope things and the ball things."

I said, "it sounds like you really saved the day, Bean!"

His response, with so much pride:  "I am a hero!"

Today, A-Train went for the first time, and I told Bean he might have to help A-Train out since he could understand A-Train's talking better than the teachers (he is not much of an English speaker...he has a clear idiolect!).  There are two rooms - a big playroom, and the room with the playground.  At some point, the bigger kids were in the playground room and the littler kids were in the playroom.  I picked them up and asked Bean if he had had a good time.  He said, "yeah, except there was a really sad part when A-Train and I weren't together." 

As I was snuggling him at bedtime tonight, I asked him what he wanted to do tomorrow.  When asked if he wanted to go to childcare again, he said, "yeah.  But I'm going to tell them that I want to be with A-Train.  When we were apart, it was just too sad."  <3

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