Monday, September 10, 2012

Bog Lady

We went out on my in-laws' bog yesterday - my first time out there. It was amazing!

More Sundew!
We crashed through some rotting trees and then followed a coyote trail to the middle, where it was sunny. There, The Beast showed me sundew and wild cranberries. There were red and green mosses (the red is quite beautiful) and some grey lichen that was brittle with the dry weather of August and the beginning of September.

I foraged for wild blueberries, and checked out the Labrador tea (which I thought had an unpleasant smell). Then we followed another trail, which had a deer print along it, so we assume it was a deer trail.

Red moss, grey lichen
We came back around and found another coyote trail, with two webs attended by enormous spiders. While The Beast took pictures of one spider, I made all the plants around me shake by bouncing on the spongy ground.  Then I found some salal berries (yum) and a mass of more wild blueberries.

As we went back out of the bog, I joyfully crushed some more logs and stumps (I felt massively strong). The Beast spotted some owl pellets and, separately, the bones of some small animal. And then he gave me a botany lesson: I can now identify bracken fern, lady fern, sword fern, two kinds of blackberries, and salmonberry leaves in addition to all the plants mentioned above.

And I picked and ate blackberries along the way back!

Labrador tea

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