Monday, September 3, 2012

Giving him a chance

Love him.
A few evenings ago, Bean was rather out of control.  He was running around in a disorganized way, yelling randomly, interrupting, and generally not himself.  He had had some big, active days, no naps, and we were certain it was an early bedtime kind of night.

The Beast also wanted to watch a little pre-season football with his dad and brother.  And, understandably, he did not want to have Bean running amok in the tv room.

So, about 30 minutes before kick-off, we (The Beast, my mother-in-law, and I) told Bean it was bedtime.  I said, "you are exhausted and unable to control yourself, and everyone is getting frustrated.  It's time do do bedtime."

"NO!" he snapped.  "I'm not tired." And he gave me dagger eyes.

Knowing this child is as persistent as they come, we also knew that he could put up an hours-long fight against sleep no matter how tired he was.

So I said, "ok.  I will make a deal with you.  If you can get yourself together and be pleasant and not have any outbursts for the next 10 minutes as you're getting ready for bed, you can stay up until 8PM and watch some of the football game.  But if you are being wild and crazy and screaming and unpleasant, bedtime is immediate."

"OK."  He said seriously.

 And so it was that he proved us all wrong.  He was not only sweet and pleasant, but his grandpa and dad had a fantastic time watching football with him.  It made me so glad - for all of us - that we'd trusted him and simply given him a chance, when honestly all I wanted was to force him into bed and be done with the day!

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