Thursday, September 6, 2012

If You Give a Baby Some Milk

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook today.  I loved it so much that I asked her if I could post it on my blog.

If you give a baby some milk,
He's going to want an arm cradle to go with it.

If you cradle his head while he eats, he's going to fall into a milk coma. He'll look so sweet and smell so good lying against you, that even when he falls asleep and finishes drinking, you won't want to move him.

Your arm will have other plans, however. It will jerk involuntarily from the weight of his over-sized he

ad. The jerk will cause Baby to wake momentarily.

In the blink of time his eyes are open, the baby will spot the ceiling fan spinning overhead. He'll remember that he has a story to tell the fan. He'll wake fully and coo and babble and laugh with his best friend, Fan.

The laughing and cooing will get the baby's stomach juices moving causing bottle rockets to go off inside his diaper.

You'll get up to change Baby's diaper. He'll cry throughout the process, growing ever-louder and more wiggly as you clean and re-dress him. You'll pray to all that you hold dear that his screams won't wake your older child.

All this crying will wear Baby out. He'll start giving nap cues.

You'll put him in his swing and his head will loll to one side. His eyes will roll back in his head. You'll suddenly remember that you should breathe.

Just as he's about to drift off, the gas from all his crying will rise from his belly to his throat, giving him the hiccups. He'll try to sleep anyway, but he'll be interrupted over and over again.

He'll want you to rock him. You'll pick him up and cradle him in your arms. And chances are, if you cradle a baby in your arms...

He's going to want some milk to go with it.

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