Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2 weeks post-op!

Recovery is going well!
 I have been down to one crutch since Friday morning, and I really turned a corner on Saturday - more mobility (I can pick up my leg more and more easily every day), close to zero pain. I'm hoping I'll be off crutches by Friday after physical therapy, though I'm definitely still limping and that's my metric for how long I should keep the crutches around, per my surgeon.

Despite weakness and tightness, I am feeling like I will end up in less pain than I was before the surgery - which is the whole point, so that lifts my spirits. I don't have shooting pains down my leg when I sit for long periods - I have slightly increased numbness in the thigh after sitting, but that breaks up once I get moving again and it's not painful like the stuff before.

I don't know if I'll ever run a half marathon again, but I at least feel like I'm headed in the right direction.

I'm definitely taking it easy, though. Life is moving at a much slower speed, and that's been fine. I'm actually really enjoying my kids right now - even more so than usual. We're playing a lot of video games and reading books and snuggling a ton. Bean had a hard time at first - mainly with missing his dad after he'd been home caring for all of us for a few days straight.  But Bean has settled into things quite a bit more. Now we just wait for Thanksgiving when The Beast will hopefully be convinced to take a few days off, since he's been working 6 days a week!

He's in the midst of some busy and stressful stuff and really needs at least 40 hours a week to work.  So we've hired a friend, J, to help me with the kids (and the dishes and, somewhat, with the laundry and anything else that requires heavy lifting or deep bending).  It has worked out very well - we hang out, she kid wrangles, we are getting out some (did I mention I have also been driving since Friday?  Woot!).

(You might want to skip a few paragraphs to the cute pictures of the kids if you get queasy talkin' about wounds.  I'm about to talk about my incisions.  Which I have heard medical professionals refer to as "ports" and "holes" but no no no they are incisions because that makes me shudder much less violently!)

As of this evening, the steri-strips are off the two incisions (lalalala they're not "ports" lalalala) that are furthest toward my backside.  The rear-most looks like I got a little scrape there.  Seriously, that's it!  It is just flecks of scab - like remnants of the stitches and nothing else!

The middle one is a little more...well...damp?  It definitely looks like there is a layer of skin missing, and a gouge healing.  But it's not too bad.

The third one...I'm going to have to get up the nerve to remove it.  Or maybe I'll make The Beast do it.  It looks the size and shape of a cigarette burn.  I'm afraid to take the steri-strips off of it, and I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to tomorrow.  (Not sure if I may take them off or should take them off...)

And yes, I totally took pictures but I don't want to freak anyone out...

So anyway....

The boys are so excited for Halloween tomorrow.  We've been playing a lot of Zelda (specifically Ocarina of Time), and they're both obsessed.  Bean calls it "Link" and A-Train calls it "Guy."  And they both do fighting moves and act out the defeated/game over fall that Link does.  Hilarious.

They are going to be "kid Link"  (A-Train) and "adult Link"  (Bean) for Halloween.  Which basically means A-Train will be in green, and Bean will wear a red tunic (which only fits Link as an adult in the game).  He's also got sweet knit gauntlets and an enormous sword (not pictured below because weapons weren't allowed at this event).

Bean wore the leggings, shirt, and boots portion of his costume for about a week straight.  Including to bed.  We finally convinced him to let me wash it (I almost offered to just go get another set of clothes!), and he decided to wear an amazing outfit as a compromise.  I'm sad I didn't get pictures!  It was essentially a pirate costume with a skirt over the top and the boots for his costume this year (which, incidentally, totally came from the girls' section at Target.  They're what worked best!). 

I asked him what he was dressed up as:  "A hero."  I dubbed him Captain Compromise and quickly got his costume washed!

Their hats and belts, plus Bean's sweet gauntlets were made by a kind, hilarious, and creative friend of mine who also owns Pretty Smart Stuff - you, too, can ask her to make custom costumes or a lamp shade from soda bottles, or pretty much anything you can think of out of anything you have on hand.  She's clever! (Pssssst!  If you look in her shop, you might find something named after me!)

Somehow the sizes for their hats got switched, and Bean is absolutely set on wearing all red, so he is wearing this teeny hat that looks like a yarmulke sprouted a tail, and A-Train is wearing a giant hat that will fit him for years to come. 

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