Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2011. Just a little late.

Two posts in one morning.  Really really early morning.  Because otherwise this post will end up TWO years late!

Last year, Bean was obsessed with the movie How to Train Your Dragon.  No matter how much I talked up Hiccup (the main male character) and his problem-solving through knowledge, understanding, and diplomacy, Bean was way more interested in Astrid (the main female character) with her war axe and general bad-assery.

So he was Astrid for Halloween! I loved this costume.  It was the first time I made a costume - ever - and the first time Bean requested a costume, and we made it together as a team and had so much fun!  Plus, I thought it was simply adorable!

So here's how we did it.

1. We went to Once Upon a Child and found this striped shirt (picked out by Bean) and brown skirt that was pretty plain.  We already had the BabyLegs (he picked his favorite color) and the boots.

 2. He made funny faces.  Very important step.

 3. I cut a yogurt container in half.  The bottom became the outside of his pauldrons.

 4. I covered the outside of the yogurt container halves with silver Duck Tape, and wrapped four Duplo blocks in the tape as well.  I attached the Duplos as spikes on the pauldrons, and then took strips of scrap leather (I found a package for very cheap at a craft store) and taped those to the back (one short piece to hold the pauldrons together) and front (two longer pieces, which could be tied and untied to take the pauldrons off).
5. You can kind of see it in this picture...I found little scrapbooking brads that had pyramid-shaped protrusions on the tops and used those as "spikes" on the skirt.  I don't sew and I don't have any fancy equipment, so I just put the brad end through the fabric!

6.  You can see this in the top photo, but I don't have a separate photo of this step.  I took a cheap bath towel and cut a mantle from it (the "fur" around Bean's neck, under the pauldrons).  It was just a circle with a circle cut out for his head and an opening (laced and tied with more of those leather scraps).  Then I cut out some rectangular pieces to cover his boots, and put some more brads on those.  They were also "spiked."

And that's how we did it!  He wore that "armor skirt" consistently for months afterwards until I told him it was too small and we went and picked out another one.  He cracks me up with the skirts.  He knows it gets him attention to wear skirts, but no one has ever said anything negative about him wearing a skirt.  He knows that usually girls wear skirts, but he doesn't know there is any kind of stigma about a boy in a skirt.  And, besides, these are part of his armor!

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