Thursday, November 22, 2012

My heart might burst at any moment

The Beast making what I learned today is a hoplon.  It's a kind of shield!  Thankful for both these guys.

Before my surgery, Bean and I had a nightly routine of laying down in his little nest-bed on the floor and talking before he went to sleep.  We'd talk about random stuff - literally anything might come up. 

One of my favorites, from back in September:
Bean, after reading a bedtime story:  "Can we talk?"
Me:  "Sure.  What do you want to talk about?"
B:  "Tell me about salamanders."
Me:  " about salamanders?"
Bennett: "just...anything you know.
Me:  "...uh...salamanders...they're lizards...?"  (They're not...)
Bennett:  "ok."
Me:  "That's all I know.  What else do you want to talk about?"
B:  "Dinosaurs.  Everything about dinosaurs."
....we talked about dinosaurs for a little while, including that I would still be scared of a huge, plated, strong, spiky plant eater...

Me:  "What else do you want to talk about?"
B:  "I don't know.  What do you want to talk about?  What do you want to know about?"
Me:  "Hmmm...tell me about being a little boy.  I've never been a little boy."
B:  "Well, it's much harder than being a girl."
Me:  "Oh?  How's that?"
B:  "Because boys harass each other a lot more than girls do."
Me:  "Oh?  Yeah, I guess that could be true.  Though there are some pictures of Aunt T harassing me."
B: "Why?"
Me:  "...because she was bigger than me, I guess?"
B:  "Oh."
Me:  "What else do you want to tell me about being a boy?"
B: "Nuffing. I can't think of anything else.  What else do you want to know?"
Me:  "Do you want to tell me about being Bean?  I've never been Bean, either."
B:  "Well, it's not very hard."
Me: "Oh.  So being Bean is pretty easy?"
B: "Yeah."
Me:  "Is it fun, then?"
B:  "No.  It's not fun."
Me:  "Oh really?  So it's easy but it's not fun.  What would make it fun?"
B:  "If my name was [Friend]."
Me:  "If your name was [Friend], your life would be fun?  Well, then I will start calling you [Friend]!"
B:  "And you'll be [Friend's Mom], and Dad will be [Friend's Dad], and A-Train will be [Friend's Little Brother]."
Me:  "Ooooooh.  So you think [Friend, his mom, dad, and brother have a pretty fun life?  Got it."
After surgery, not only could I not get down on the floor to do this, but we had to kick Bean out of our bedroom so that I wouldn't crush him or trip over him with my crutches.  It ended up being a really abrupt change in routine, because we hadn't thought of it beforehand.  So, the night of my surgery he slept at a friend's house.  The next night he wasn't allowed to sleep in our room like he had been for months.  He took it in stride, though.  I was proud of him.

He has now been back in our room for a couple of weeks, but only last night did he again ask me "Mom?  Can we talk while we lie down to-ged-oh?"  (There are but a few remnants of toddler talk left in his annunciation, but there is one of them!  *sigh*)  I'm so pleased that I can comfortably get down on the floor, lay down and talk to him, and get back up!  I can only really lie on my good side, but I'm feeling pretty grateful for these several minutes of quiet talk at the end of his days as a warrior.

Tonight he asked what I wanted to talk about.  I said, "well, it's Thanksgiving, so maybe we could say what we're thankful for?"  He named off the things he had put on a gratitude turkey at school, informed me I was not allowed to be thankful for smoothies, and then wanted to move on to talking about Zelda - which we're still playing a good deal of, as I'm not yet quite able to get up and play fight.

We were talking about some of the characters and what he thinks is going to happen, and I clarified that one particular character had been mailing a love letter.

"Maybe he loves them because they're nice," he said.  We talked a little bit more about love - how sometimes you can't even say exactly why you love someone, and sometimes people you love aren't very nice to you but you don't stop loving them (like when he yells and is uncooperative I don't stop loving him).

Clearly on the mend, laying down with my sweet kiddo, talking about love?  Is there a better way to end Thanksgiving?

And who could not be grateful for this picture and everyone in it?

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