Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tonight's drama brought to you by the letters C, L, E, A, and N.

Bean's kind of an expert room destroyer.  His room was completely picked up and even vacuumed about 2 days before this...

As in "clean you room."

After quiet time today, I went into Bean's room to get his laundry hamper.  It took me a solid 30 seconds to locate it, as it was on its side on Bean's lower bunk. 

I can assure you that is not its proper place. 

So I said, "Hey Bean.  How about you clean your room?"

Bean:  "Noooooooooo!  I'll do it later."

Well, crying and negotiating and cajoling all led to us striking a deal that he would clean his room after dinner while The Beast and I were washing dishes and picking up the rest of the house.  This was to be done with no physical help - just our telling him what to work on next. If it wasn't cleaned up by the time we usually read a book, there would be no book.  If it wasn't cleaned up by the time A-Train usually goes in the Ergo and Bean usually gets in bed on our floor, he couldn't sleep in our room.

We shook on it.  This is the New Deal of Bedtime.  It stands from here on out.

After dinner, some other consequences led to his door having to remain open, giving his brother free reign in there (except for the top bunk).  So then, of course, Bean's freaked out about all the crap on his floor that his brother can now get to. A-Train immediately grabbed Bean's sacred cardboard hoplon, which sent Bean into absolutely hysterics, and then Bean negotiated to have his door closed while he cleaned up his room (a reasonable request since A-Train is likely to get in the way of or reverse any progress made...).

So then, of course, Bean just played in there with the door closed.  He cleaned up minimally and then he got distracted.  And then, when bedtime came, he wailed and wailed that no one would give him advice on how to clean up his room.


Bean is finally calm after sitting with me on the couch for a couple minutes and me promising him I will give him advice on cleaning up his room in the morning, but we are done for the night.  And now The Beast has A-Train in the Ergo sounding like he is being tortured.  Because the Ergo, man, it's brutal...


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