Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bedtime Talk

Our bedtime routine got slightly messed up, and I think Bean assumed I wasn't going to be in to snuggle him.  So when I opened his door he gasped and said, "yay yay yay!"

Me:  "I'm here to snuggle you."

B:  "And talk to me?!?"

Me:  "Yes.  Snuggle and talk."

B:  "What do you want to talk about?"

Me: "Hm.  I dont know."

B:  "Well we pretty much always talk about what I want to talk about, so what would you like to talk about tonight?"  (How cool is this?!?)

First we talked a little bit about his upcoming birthday, birthday party, and who to invite - this is a little bit sticky.  He has his own opinions, and they aren't necessarily entirely inclusive.

Then later I asked him what he learned about Black History Month and Martin Luther King at school yesterday (they did an "I have a dream" craft, and I was curious as to what stuck.)

He and Matt have been reading a book in which some character (who we'll call A because I'm not sure of the whole name) has a medallion that makes dreams come true...

Me:  "So what do you remember about Martin Luther King?  I saw you did something about 'I have a dream.'"

B:  "Oh yeah.  He had a dream that everyone would get along.  And it came true!  Like with A's medallion!"

Me:  "Oh really?  So that came true?"

B:  "Uh huh!  He had a dream that everyone would get along, and it came true!"

Me:  "Ah."

B:  "...did he have a sword or a shield or anything?"

Me:  "No..."

B:  "Well then...what did he have."

Me:  "A dream."

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