Saturday, February 9, 2013

In which a picture of Easy Cheese makes it onto my blog

Went to the grocery store.  Saw Easy Cheese.  Got nostalgic, remembering just how much Easy Cheese and Cheese Whizz I ate as a kid.  Thought briefly about buying some just so my kids could experience it.

Then I thought "ew.  No.  Gross."  And laughed at myself, wondering what my mom would say and generally wondering what my mom would say about the 180 my diet has done since childhood.

Then I got to finding a replacement bulb and spent several minutes trying to match up the lightbulb I had with the options in front of me.  Darn CFLs are SO CONFUSING.  So I'm thinking to myself "man, Mom would be baffled by this.  I want a 23W bulb that will be labeled as something else entirely...since when does getting a light bulb require complicated math?!?"

So pretty much my trip to the store was a nostalgic trip down Getting Old Lane. 

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