Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Secret Weapon

I think the crazy - and crazy-making - part of toddlerhood has arrived for A-Train. The last two days, lunchtime has been a mess. He is crying and tantrumming, and I don't know why half the time. The other half, it is immense frustration with stuff like inability to complete difficult tasks or -even better - inability to complete impossible tasks (do you have any idea how frustrating it is to reach for something 6' off the ground when you are less than 3' tall? And then the nerve of some people to GET IT FOR YOU?!? Punishable by death. Death by ear-shattering screaming tantrum!)

Thankfully, I discovered today that I have a secret weapon at the ready! A-Train was tantrumming around my legs as I made lunch. He was upset because he wanted lunch RIGHT. NOW. and pissed that I wouldn't hold him and comfort him until lunch was ready. Obviously he lacked knowledge of how sandwiches arrive on plates.

So he's wrapped around my leg, screaming, and then there is quiet and no one touching me. I look down and A-Train and Bean are hugging and Bean is stroking A-Train's head.

They separated and A-Train just stared at Bean with a goofy grin on his face, looking brotherly twitterpated. Bean said with a shrug "I guess he just needed a hug and someone to stroke his head."

A-Train then remembered that he had neither sandwich nor snuggles and started crying again. "You want another hug, sweetheart?" asked Bean.

"Mmhmmmm..." Came the grateful reply, as A-Train turned to throw his arms around Bean.

And then I realized I had tears in my eyes!

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