Sunday, April 21, 2013


Now available in the Contentedly Crunchy Shop, it's the smooth and creamy Shea Butter Deodorant!

I tried all the commercially-available non-aluminum-containing deodorants I could find, and came up empty-handed, gunky, and smelling awful.  I started trying to make my own a couple years ago.  I ended up loving the original recipe, but not loving keeping it in the fridge.  Plus, it didn't work for The Beast.  For the first problem, I tried adding beeswax.  That made it much firmer out of the fridge, but the beeswax stained my clothes (so watch out for it in other brands of natural deodorant!).

I've tried out a few other recipes, and settled on a slightly modified version of Kimberlily's recipe from here. The result is an all-natural deodorant that works for self-proclaimed stinky women as well as men, in a hot and humid midwest summer and through sweaty exercise.  It really works!

I do personally prefer a stick deodorant, so I am still working on ways to harden this without staining or a loss of effectiveness.  Also, a sensitive skin version is on the way!

Shea Butter Deodorant is available in a 2oz tub as a well as a .5oz sample size.  You can see available essential oils here.  If you are looking for scent ideas, my favorite scents are lavender or tea tree/grapefruit.  The Beast likes sandalwood/lavender.

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