Sunday, April 7, 2013

What's mine could be yours!

Right now, I have moisturizer and lip balm setting, ready to be labeled and photographed tomorrow!

I have been making my own body products for a few years - deodorant, moisturizer, a salve for cracked skin, lip balm, sugar scrub, body oil, hair product (if plain coconut oil counts), and more.

A few people mentioned to me that they'd be interesting purchasing them, and tomorrow (if all goes according to plan), the first one will be available for purchase on Etsy!  (I'll post links when the shop officially launches!)

I am really excited to share these with friends, family, blog readers, and total strangers. I hope people will love them as much as I do. They are all made with straightforward ingredients so you always know what you are getting! And I will, to at least some degree, be able to tweak things for people's preferences or even allergies.

And, in other news, both of my kids are completely obsessed with weapons, armor, and warriors.  A-Train often says "wet's just have a batt-oh!"  (Let's just have a battle!)  And Bean is constantly  showing off his latest scheme for storing/wearing/drawing/using weapons.  That kid designs armor and sheaths and weapons belts!  Oh, and we totally went out and got him another skirt.  The new one is "a kilt."  It's green plaid!

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