Monday, September 9, 2013

BIG yellow butterflies

I came home from a sewing class tonight and Bean asked me to come snuggle him.  As I climbed up into his top bunk he informed me were going to "ask each other questions.  Whatever you'd like to know about the other person."  I got to go first and my question was "what would you like to know about me?"  Apparently that didn't count.

Eventually Grandma Nita came up, and he said "You have a necklace with a picture of you as a kid and a picture of her.  I seem to remember that she has your same hair and your same face, but her hair is black."  I told him that a lot of people say that about Grandma Nita and me, and he seemed offended that other people had gotten to see her and he hadn't. 

I explained that people had known her before she died - people had known her even longer than I had.  And lots of people had seen pictures of her.

So he started imagining her and said, "I see her in a white shirt...and a purple skirt with BIG yellow butterflies.  I haven't decided on her leggings yet."

Then he asked me more about how she died.  I gave the answer I usually give - that her heart stopped working - and he asked "how? How did her heart stop working?"  So I described plaque building up and making the tubes where the blood flows too small and eventually maybe a piece broke off and totally blocked the way for the blood.  He wanted to know more about where this "stuff" came from, and I said it was really hard to know - it might have been something she ate, it might been something her body was making.

"And then her whole body couldn't work anymore because blood couldn't get there?  That's really sad."  Yes, sweetheart.  It was sad.  I really wish you could have met her.

I love that kid so much.  I love that he imagines his late grandma in a purple skirt with BIG yellow butterflies.  She loved butterflies, and I once spent a good portion of my babysitting money buying her a butterfly pendant - it's currently in my jewelry box.

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