Thursday, December 5, 2013


Emotionally, I think I am feeling a little bit better - or at least handling things better - than the last time I wrote.  I'm seeing a counselor, and that is helping. 

I spent three weeks in a boot for a suspected second metatarsal stress fracture/reaction.  I started physical therapy about a week later, but have put the boot back on a few times when things were feeling irritated or weak.

Monday of this week I noted to my physical therapist that a new part of my foot was hurting enough to have forced me off my feet during the day.  She treated it for inflammation and off I went.  Yesterday (Wednesday) I went back in noting yet a different part of my foot was hurting. 

The physical therapist said this could all be things working themselves out - every time something hurts, I subtly change the way I am walk or standing and irritate something else.  So what we need to do is get everything calmed down at the same time.  She also said that if this spot didn't get better after yesterday's treatment, I should probably get an MRI.

Today I have not been on my feet much, but already that spot (my first tarsal-metatarsal joint) is hurting so badly I have put my boot back on for the first time in over a week. 

I'm frustrated.  But I'm coping.  At this point I'm hoping to get that MRI just to confirm whatever is or isn't going on.  I've had varying degrees of foot pain for 6 months now.  I just want to know what is going on so we can appropriately treat it and I can MOVE ON! 

In other health-related news, my new nephrology team is more aggressive than my previous, and I've started back on drug types I was on when I got pregnant with Bean.  I'm currently waiting on test results to make sure the medications aren't killing my liver or any other organ systems.  I'm betting (since I was on similar drugs for a decade) that I'm just fine, in which case we'll follow up in three months to determine whether these drugs have done any good (I'm betting not, since I was on them for a decade before and the protein in my urine never dropped to the point they are aiming for...or at all).

If this combination of drugs doesn't work (and I'm assuming it won't, though I hope it will...), I'll do a six-month course of immunosuppressive therapy.  That drug will have more severe side-effects, but will almost certainly force my kidney numbers down for as long as I am on them.  However, because of the side effects, they will take me off after 6 months and wait to see if my numbers stay low.  The hope is that I will go into remission and stay there.

Because I am so stable, I am very much considering the option of putting off the immunosuppressive for a little while (probably 6 months to a year).  We don't even know where I would finish the course of immunosuppressive therapy.  Though all that would be needed would be blood and urine tests wherever we are located, I have already found getting settled with a new nephrology team to be anxiety-inducing and I'm not sure I want to add months of side-effects and the emotions of finding out whether those side effects were worth it to the process of moving.

And the moving...we are not sure yet whether we are moving again this summer or not.  Everything is up in air.  We will move again eventually, and we actually hope it is this year because of what that means for The Beast professionally.  But who knows. 
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