Saturday, March 19, 2016

I'm Alright.

I'm not sure if it's by the standards of Kenny or Jo Dee, but I'm definitely alright.  My feet really do seem to be doing better, and I feel less run-down now that my blood pressure is back under control.  I still stare at my new medication and convince myself to swallow it every morning, but so long as my feet continue to feel better I'll continue to take the stupid pill. 

The next week will be busy.  On Monday I start pre-operative physical therapy for my hip. This way I'll have as much functional strength as possible going into surgery so that my recovery will be easier and faster. 

Tuesday I see a neurologist for some new perspective on my foot pain.  I'm finding myself nervous about this and arming myself with peer-reviewed studies and trying to be ready for the new medical terminology that might be thrown at me.  I've become such a professional patient.  I now know that the more I can speak a doctor's language the more seriously they will take my complaints, observations, and suggestions.

Wednesdays are always busy and this one will have a little extra oomph as The Beast has an unusual evening commitment, but Thursday ought to be a normal and relaxed Thursday.

Friday Bean has off from school and we'll bake pumpkin bread to eat instead of cake at his birthday party on Saturday.  Bean currently hates cake, which I find simultaneously endearing and bizarre. 

So we spent much of today getting ready for Bean's eighth birthday party (how is that even possible??  EIGHT???).  We made a big Pikachu and some tails for a game of Pin The Tail on the Pikachu, spray painted some ping pong balls to turn into Pokeballs, and we created some Pokemon Bingo boards.

I'm not one of those moms who really enjoys putting together a party, but Bean is one of those kids who has big ideas and will execute them with or without your help; we might as well go along with it so everyone makes it through with ten fingers and toes and little property damage.

We have also been removing wallpaper from our kitchen for the past week or so.  There are at least three - possibly four - layers of wallpaper on there.  Some of it was papered over, some of it was painted over, and some of it was behind a shelf that we decided to remove (it will go back up after we've painted.  There were 50 years of wallpaper on that wall, so we obviously took pictures.  Today we headed over to Walmart to pick up the last of the supplies we needed for party prep and stopped in at Sherwin-Williams for some color chips.

I never expected the kids to get SO excited over a paint store.  They each came home with a thick stack of paint chips that they then treated as both inspiration for their rooms and trading cards.  We're focusing on getting the downstairs painted this spring.  We need to always keep every other part of the downstairs in mind because you can see at least two other rooms from every room you are in - the colors need to flow!

Despite a decent amount of time spent standing, only my left foot hurts and it's not nearly as bad as I would expect it to be.  So.  Optimism.  I have it again. 

It will be really nice to have some projects finished and literally a fresh coat of paint on my very plain house when I'm recovering from surgery.  Let's hope I don't decide, while mostly stuck on the couch, that the colors are all terrible!

Also, thanks so much everyone for the emails and Facebook messages and texts and phone calls and invitations.  I've peered in on Facebook a couple times, but it has been good for me to remain signed out for the most part.  I don't seem to get as sucked in, and it's encouraging me to get up off the damn couch and see how my feet fare.  And that is what I feel like I really need to be doing right now.

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