Tuesday, March 15, 2016

So much sleep.

To try and get rid of the foot pain, I have been on a nerve drug for over a year.  The dosage was increased a few weeks ago.  Side effects include sleepiness, appetite changes, difficulty rousing in the morning (if I take the drug too late), sleeplessness/waking up very early and usually with a start (if I take it too late), and night terrors (if I skip my last dose before bed).  I also think it's impacting my word recall, but I'm not sure.

I also went off a blood pressure medication a few weeks ago, since it turns out it could be causing the foot pain. 

I traveled over the weekend, which meant eating a lot of sodium.  Because of my kidney disease, my body is particularly sensitive to sodium.  So when my blood pressure was high on Sunday I didn't worry too much.  (Ok, I worried too much.  But I tried not to.) I drowned my kidneys in water and on Monday my blood pressure was down.  But today I took it again.  I'm supposed to take it frequently so we can be sure my kidneys aren't beaten up too badly - high blood pressure can damage the kidneys, and also a spike in my blood pressure can indicate that my kidneys are in distress.  It was high again, so I waited 20 minutes and took it on the other arm.  Still high, so I called the doctor.  The receptionist asked how I felt and I had to admit that I felt like shit.  I have had a headache for three days that Tylenol put a dent in but didn't resolve, and where I was up at 5:45AM Friday and Saturday (I didn't need to be) I slept uncharacteristically late on Sunday, had trouble rousing on Monday, and wanted nothing more than to go back to bed while on the phone with her.

I also have my period and I can't get enough to eat.  And I either want a whole cake or a nice greasy burger.

So I feel a bit like a science experiment and am becoming not-opposed to adjusting my own medications.  (i.e. I wonder if reducing doses of the nerve drug is a bad idea...)

The good news is that I'm confident all this sleeping has nothing to do with depression, which I absolutely have also been struggling with over the last couple of months.  I've thought about medication for that (usually Zoloft is enough to take the edge off and get me through a rough patch), but hell if I'm going to welcome any more side effects right now.

Today I've spent time on the phone with the nephrologist's office and the orthopedic surgeon's office (about whether or not I can do the drug protocol after surgery because of my kidneys), and I spent some quality time with my calendar figuring out just how many appointments I will need rides to during the first 2 or so weeks after surgery.  My husband will take a solid two weeks off and cart me around to a post-op visit to the surgeon, physical therapy, and the lab (to pretty frequently check my kidneys).

Feet. Kidneys. Hip. Feet. Kidneys. Hip. Feet. Kidneys. Hip.

I just want everything to stop hurting, but I don't want to kill my kidneys to do it. 

And thinking about priorities and what could be making me so tired today is exhausting and costing me spoons and, well, no wonder I'm so fucking tired, right?

And with that, I am going to fill out paperwork for a neurology appointment next week and get yet more sleep!  Oof.

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