About Me

Hi there.  I'm Brea.  I'm a crunchy-and-getting-crunchier wife and mother of two boys. I'm perpetually curious and married to a self-described nerd.  I also love being active (running is my favorite form of exercise), and I'm a classically-trained flutist/flautist/fluter/player-of-the-flute (you pick what you'd like to call it, and we'll call it correct).  I don't get to make music anymore, except when my older son (Bean) puts in a request.

I'm social and I'm quirky.  I'm a sap, but I'm logical.  I'm resourceful, and I'm frugal almost to a fault.   I'm trying to become a better listener by talking less, but I have a really hard time keeping quiet.  I'm also really, really persistent - that's one of my best and worst qualities!

I started this blog while nine months pregnant with my second son (known on the blog as Squeak) because I had an itch to write and it was something I could do while on bedrest.  I write about health, life and parenting with a thankfully low-key chronic illness, motherhood, frugality, and my own personal pet peeves.  Sometimes I write about the random stuff that piques my curiosity.

You might notice I've said nothing about loving the earth and being an environmentalist.  I would not categorize myself as particularly earthy, but my looking out for my own health and budget plus a healthy dose of curiosity (and a child who asks how to make things like cheese and expects we will one day actually attempt to do such a thing) has led me to do things like make my own deodorant and cloth diaper my babies.  My frugality leads me to believe the old adage "waste not, want not" and I think that extends to natural resources.

I would love to hear from you with questions or comments.  Feel free to contact me!

If you like what you read and would like to read more about my life and experiences as a mother in particular, I am a regular contributor over at the BABS Blog as well.
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